Pisces Horoscope

Jan 29, 2022… Wailing like a banshee because something didn’t go your way could be peak Pisces any day of the week ending with Y, but today’s Capricorn Moon conjunct Mars and Venus could have you feeling like this might be a pretty practical move. It could certainly get you loads of attention — even if half of it results in serious side eye. You might be feeling a bit stressed and filled with self-doubt, but whatever has your knickers in the twist to end all twists might relax if you will. Sure, you might make a misstep here or there, but sometimes the best learning experiences come from the biggest pile of crap — for one, you figure out how to avoid stepping in any more of it, right? So, wail like a banshee if that’s what you really need to do OR, just thinking out loud here, maybe you could actually trust your inner voice to steer you in the right direction. Be your own bestie not banshee today, Fishy, and take your own sage advice. You might just be glad you did.

Today’s Astrovibe for 1/28/22: The Moon in Sag will square Neptune in Pisces. Things could seems extra easy… and you might be bobbling and weaving with changes as they arise like a pro. Personal relationships can be a challenge though… you could either be pulled away from something you need to do by them OR perhaps neglect relationships over the things you’re hyperfocused on. Find balance and diplomacy will be the cure for any of those ills while you surf this awesome vibe.



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