Pisces Horoscope

Dec 2, 2022… Swims this way, Swims that way… you could look like you’re doing the Pisces version of the electric slide as the energy of this day moves from an action-oriented vibe to a slower one. Your own swiftly changing moods will be up to the task of navigating a day that starts wild, gets grounded, and throws in a touch of whimsy for effect. Might as well dance to the changing tune, Fishy. Now go ahead and show us your best moves!

Today’s Astrovibe for 12/1/22: The Moon in Pisces will conjunct Jupiter and Neptune and square Mercury in Sag on this lovely day ahead. Action and initiative could come easily. It wouldn’t be a surprise if any of the Signs take big steps toward their goals. Plus, it will still be great for learning, absorbing information and taking strides toward moving upward. Inner strength? That’ll be a great way to describe YOU!



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