What If The Zodiac Signs Had Superpowers?

Zodiac Superpowers
Zodiac Superpowers

Whether you subscribe to superheroes acquiring their powers through birth, freak accidents, incredible wealth, super science, or another theory, you have to admit that having a superpower sounds pretty AH-mazing! I mean, who wouldn’t want to skip traffic and fly to work, weather-permitting? Or be in two places at once and get everything done? I could do without being bitten by a radioactive creepy crawlies, and superpowers are clearly hell on your love life, but it could be fun to imagine the Zodiac Signs with superpowers.


Aries with a superpower… it could be a frightening thought. Super strength seems possible, as any obstacle might be immediately flattened with the force of their determination to get where they’re going. Being able to leap slow people with a single bound could also be a superpower for Aries. No more waiting in line! No more dealing with congested traffic! Now that would be the life!


I’m pretty sure that Taurus as a superhero would be the billionaire variety with all the cool toys. They’re sure to have Xray vision, too—which they can use to tell if your bag is the real deal or a knock off. Stopping fake fashion in its tracks could be a whole mission for Taurus. Serve them anything but top shelf liquor, and they’ll know instantly with their keen super-perception; their taste buds can detect subpar ingredients, their super hearing can discern amazing musicians from soulless hacks, their super touch could be instantly healing, and their super sight could correct your small makeup flaw in mere moments. If you see someone on the red carpet styling and profiling, you might have detected a Super Taurus in disguise.


Being in multiple places at the same time would clearly be a Gem superpower, and it wouldn’t surprise anyone if Gem was hiding a secret identity—as a superhero or super villain. Either would make sense. Their love of action and adventure would thrive under the pressure of being super, and it’s unlikely they’d ever let anyone in on the secret of their double life.


I could see Cancer being on par with Storm from XMen. Cancers would definitely be down with controlling the weather. Of course, that weather might be as unpredictable as their mood. Piss them off, and don’t be surprised if you get followed around by your own personal rain cloud or hit with a sudden, fierce natural (or is it?) disaster.


Leo’s superpower could certainly be mind control. After all, how better to make sure that everyone stays in full adoration mode and does your bidding all the time? Of course, that might be Leo as a supervillain. As a superhero, Leo might lean more toward flight and super strength—skills that would help in swooping in to rescue those in distress. If super confidence was a power, they’d have that locked down, too.


If super cleaning without lifting a finger was a thing, I would totally believe that Virgo had it. But they could also have the superpower of talking to animals. You know how Cinderella conned all the animals into cleaning up her mess? A Virgo could have been behind that. They’ll definitely have the animals on their side and be able to communicate fully with them, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they also assigned chores. Or did some type of Fantasia or Bewitched magic and had the brooms sweeping the floor themselves. Keeping it clean and lovingly ruling all wildlife sounds about right for a Super Virgo.


Libras would be the CareBears of the superhero world. Cute, lovable, and ready to send out beams of love so much more powerful than thoughts and prayers. Piss one off and you might have an intensive Care Bear on your hands, one that’ll be kicking butt and taking names. But stay in their good graces, and they’ll likely shower you with love, affection, and super-powered protection to keep you safe for all your days.


Scorpio might find themselves with an ability akin to the lasso of truth. If there’s anything they hate, it’s a liar, and sussing out the truth could be the super skill that Scorpios use to make sure that no one ever lies in their presence. Be sure that if the lasso detects lies, they’ll deliver a swift punishment with their super strength.


I’m pretty sure that if Saggy has a superpower, it’s the ability to teleport wherever they want to go. Skip the airport lines, and find them lying on the beach somewhere soaking up some rays and drinking something with a cute umbrella. Sagittarius will love never having to wait in line because they’ll just find themselves at the front of all of them, easy peasy. And don’t be surprised if they fancy a treehouse for their super-secret superhero hide-out. They like to be outdoors and to have their freedom.


Capricorn might be a top contender for the world’s most evil supervillain but could be just as strong if they go the hero route. Be sure that any and all superpowers will be directed toward becoming the best in their chosen field. Super speed might help them get their work done faster, which could appeal to their pragmatic nature. Some spidey skills of the climbing variety could help them literally overcome obstacles, which could also be a key trait.


Move over, Aquaman, because I could totally see Aquarius ruling the seas. But their superpowers might run in other directions, too. I can totally see them advocating for the underdog, likely using their keen crime-fighting skills to protect the little guy from big corruption. They might be disguised as a human rights attorney, protester, or other advocate, but they’ll be using their super detecting powers to get to the heart of corruption, which they’ll then squash like a bug.


If Pisces has a superpower, I’m going to go with mind reading or communicating with the dead. Ever the super-spiritual member of the Zodiac, whatever superpowers they have will likely be impressive. Telekinesis could be a contender, but trust that they’ll use their gifts to make art or show compassion to others rather than to wreak havoc. All though that might not be true if you inadvertently wake them or have the misfortune to treat them badly. Then, you might find yourself the target of a terrible intent. But otherwise, Pisces comes in peace and will leave you in peace yourself if you show them kindness or at the very least stay out of their way.

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