Pisces Horoscope

January 24, 2021… Love, balance, and solid communication? This is not a drill, Pisces! THIS. IS. NOT. A. DRILL. Nor is it a prank. With the Moon in Gemini, you will likely experience an easier time talking about your feelings, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. I guess technically all feelings are matters of the heart, but you catch my drift. Right? The vibes will be there for you. Gulp down some courage (no, not the liquid kind) and fortify yourself for the talks to come. Have something that’s been on your mind? Share it. You’ve got this, Fishes.

Today’s Astrovibe for 1/24/21: The Moon in Gemini will square Ceres and Neptune in Pisces today. Love, communication, being able to say what’s on your mind in a productive (or, provocative… your call!) way… all things that can come to pass today… if you want it. 🙂