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Astrovibe is a daily horoscope created for cool people. You know, like you! Let’s face it: Life can be an epic train wreck. We honor the imperfections that are woven into each person’s day — with humor, love, inspiration and some brutally honest, sassy horoscopes to lift you up and offer you a smile each day.

Real Astrology — No Nonsense 

The planets don’t control you. The fact that some people think they do is, frankly, a bunch of crap. Still, a great horoscope can absolutely help you navigate your day like a secret map. Edited and plotted with real daily aspects to the Moon by a real astrologer working with a team of smart, gifted humans with brag-worthy psych degrees — your horoscope is as smart as you are and can offer insights to better navigate this sh*tshow we call life. 

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