Aquarius Horoscope

April 17, 2021… Bursting into interpretive dance is certainly one way to express yo’self, Aquarius. The Moon in conjunction with Mars in Gemini and trining Jupiter in your Sun sign then leaving for Cancer could have you feeling a creative vibe toward self-expression. If dance doesn’t pop your corn, utilize your innate gift of gab to journal or sing, depending on your preferences. The mood will have the potential to take a serious turn, and getting those feels out through prose or song could help you keep perspective without slipping toward the dark side. If all else fails, a one person flash mob could get out the feels — but may disturb the peace. Come to think of it, a journal might be cheaper than bail money, friendly Water Bearer.

Today’s Astrovibe for 4/16/21: The Moon in Gemini will square Neptune in Pisces. This could start a shift from deep thoughts to even deeper feels. Unexpected delights could present themselves, with this cute aspect to wild and wonderful Neptune. Enjoy!