Cancer Horoscope

July 28, 2021… Step aside or get curb stomped, pal! That’s not me threatening you, Cancer. That could, however, be you getting aggressive this Wednesday. The Aries Moon and her aspects will be unleashing assertive energies, which means you’ll want to beware of becoming aggressive. You can use the vibes to bravely stand up for yourself when you’re high vibing. Unfortunately, if your lower Crabby side comes out to play, it’ll be all fun and games until someone gets shanked. Keep yourself under control. If you feel an angry outburst coming on, channel it in a healthy way. No stabbing people, okay? Great!

Today’s Astrovibe for 7/27/21: The Moon in Pisces will conjunct Neptune and trine Mercury in Cancer. This will be a great energy for starting something, taking care of yourself and doing a little healing or taking care of health. There could be a few mis-fires or it could take a few tries to get started, but you’ve got this. Just reflect on what you need to do and all should start to flow.



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