Cancer Horoscope

January 28, 2021… Caught between a sharknado and an alien invasion, Cancers may very well find themselves entangled between extremes today. For example, today’s vibes will be all about feelings. Here’s the problem. You’re so awesomely emotional on a normal day, you could find yourself wanting to shove your love right in someone’s face and force them to eat it. Please don’t. (Well, unless the other person is into that kind of thing.) Since the Moon will be in Leo opposing the Sun and Jupiter, people may want space. Freedom. Choose compassion, respect and things will work out well. You’ve got this.

Today’s Astrovibe for 1/27/21: The Moon in Cancer will oppose Venus and Pluto in Cap today. You may need to break away from the normal. Revealing things about yourself can pop up, so be on the look out… no matter your Sign.