Virgos Like to Clean and Other Stupid Misconceptions


Emotionless robots who obsess over cleaning and strive so hard for perfection that it hurts? You might THINK that that perfectly describes a Virgo, but if you really take the time to ponder it, you’ll likely realize that these are all just stupid misconceptions. Straight up, I’ve never met a Virgo who has embodied any of those traits. To clear things up, here’s the skinny behind the silly Virgin stereotypes.

Virgo the Clean Freak

Do Virgos like cleanliness? They sure heckin do! Do they like cleaning? Oh HECKS no. Virgos would much rather have minions to do the cleaning for them. They don’t want to touch someone else’s mess. They barely want to clean up their own dang messes, especially when it comes to scrubbing the toilet. Talk about barf. They do, however, appreciate a well-organized space and adore people who actually like to clean. If you live with a Virgo, be a doll and clean up your own dang messes.

Nothing’s Good Enough

Virgos have gotten a bad rap of being total perfectionists who can’t accept a good thing when it comes along. The sad truth? Virgos often settle for less than “perfect,” to the point of accepting jobs and relationships that aren’t near the level of what they deserve. Fear of failure often overrules their desire for perfection. RIP Virgo’s potential. If anything, our Virgo pals could use encouragement to go for the things that are good enough. Don’t let them settle for less. Many of them hold themselves to a higher, impossible standard than they would ever hold you.

Emotionless Robots, the Lot of Them

So, there’s this weird stereotype that Virgos are totally emotionless robots, which may stem (inappropriately) from their motto “I analyze.” Virgos are just as human as any of the other Signs. They feel very deeply, but often try to hide their negative emotions so they seem calm and collected outwardly. And, of course, this doesn’t work out because then they have major Virgo eruptions and THAT gets UGLY. I wouldn’t call that emotionless.

Beyond that, Virgos care very deeply for the ones they love and bloom into their full personalities when they feel comfortable around you. They don’t shy away from giving affection or act cold-hearted towards their loved ones. Not even a little. Sure, they don’t always sugar-coat their opinions, but their words come from a place of love and truth. And they might be shy at first, but once they’re in their comfort zone, good luck shutting them up! Again, I wouldn’t call that emotionless.

Self-Righteous Bastards

Virgos are smart, practical, and very good at sizing up a situation — all qualities that make them good at being right. But that doesn’t mean they’re all sanctimonious meanies. That stereotype about them always telling others how to do their jobs? That “let me speak to your manager” vibe? Total BS. I mean, sure, some Virgos might have a moral superiority complex. They’re the few, not the many.

Virgo the Virgin peeps get a bad rap, and not just because their symbol is a flipping Virgin of all things. Their capacity for analyzing situations and pragmatic nature has led to some really ridiculous, kinda hurtful misconceptions. They say stereotypes come from truth, but damn has that truth been stretched further than the length of the Universe when it comes to Virgos! People born under Mercury/Chiron are literal blessings to the world. They’re healers, caregivers, and teachers.

And we need them.

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