Capricorn Horoscope

Jun 30, 2022… Today could almost be Cap’s lucky day — except not really. The tendency to be a leader could come across as being smothering if you’re not careful. There will be nurturing vibes from the Moon in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces and then moving to Leo today, and your challenge, dear Goat, may be to find that balance between being helpful and being a plastic bag wrapped around someone’s face. You can still be you and also respect other people’s boundaries. Work on being aware of other’s feelings and needs, and when in doubt, ask if someone wants help or advice. Get it done, ya little Care Bear of compassionate leadership.

Today’s Astrovibe for 6/29/22: The Moon in Cancer will conjunct Ceres and square Chiron in Aries today. You may need to break away from the normal. Revealing things about yourself can pop up, so be on the look out… no matter your Sign.



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