Virgo Horoscope

July 28, 2021… Danger, auto, comfort. All zones you might be familiar with. Today, Virgo, you’ll likely want to dynamite your tail out of the comfort one — without landing in either of the others, we hope. With an Aries Moon trining Mercury and the Sun in Leo, the vibes will be all about taking your usual pragmatism and adding a dash of challenge. Where can you afford to grow in your life? If your mind went to making more money, think bigger and inner expansion. More intimate, connected relationships? More quality time alone? Improved work/life balance? Figure out where you need a little growth, and you’ll likely expand your life in just the right way. Let’s grow!

Today’s Astrovibe for 7/27/21: The Moon in Pisces will conjunct Neptune and trine Mercury in Cancer. This will be a great energy for starting something, taking care of yourself and doing a little healing or taking care of health. There could be a few mis-fires or it could take a few tries to get started, but you’ve got this. Just reflect on what you need to do and all should start to flow.



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