Virgo Horoscope

Sep 27, 2023… You’ll really want to espresso self with the vibe bringing in a whole latte energy, Virgo. And, apparently, bad puns. Go ahead and drop a dad joke or whatever if you need to, but enjoy the strong powerful energy and ease in communication. Go be everyone’s favorite fearless leader, and make this day as impressive as you are yourself, V. It could be fantastic, and I’m not lion (ahahaha—okay, last bad pun, I’m done now).

Today’s Astrovibe for 9/26/23: The Moon in Aquarius will square Uranus in Taurus and then move into Pisces to conjunct Saturn today. Learning a little about yourself can be all good. Maybe find an inner strength you didn’t know you had? Yes, you CAN.



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What Kills Off the Zodiac Signs

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