The Zodiac Signs as Disney Sidekicks

Disney Sidekicks
Disney Sidekicks

The Disney sidekicks are a dynamic bunch, to say the least. Films like Aladdin and Mulan just wouldn’t be the same without lovable characters like Genie and Mushu, who act as centers of comedic relief and support for the protagonists in their respective films.

So if these sidekicks were cast as astrological signs, what would they be? Check out the list below to find out who you’d be if the signs were cast as Disney sidekicks.

Aries: Phil from Hercules

Ah, Phil. He’s a spicy satyr, isn’t he? He’s a little self-centered and difficult to pin down, but he’s also a natural-born leader and puts his all into training Hercules. He’s stubborn, fearless and determined, which makes him the perfect candidate for the first fire sign.

Taurus: Hei Hei from Moana

Taurus is usually ruled by their stomach, and Hei Hei is no exception. While he follows Moana throughout her adventure, he’s not exactly the adventurous type and has a one-track mind to eat pretty much everything in his path. This little guy may be a chicken, but he’s a bull through and through.

Gemini: Mushu from Mulan

One of Mushu’s defining traits is that he never. Stops. Talking. That’s a clear Gemini indicator right there. As more of an intellectual than a fighter, Mushu prefers to try to talk his way out of situations — not always successfully, but he tries.

Cancer: Sebastian from The Little Mermaid

Aside from being a literal crab, Sebastian exhibits some major Cancer traits. For one, Sebastian always does his best to protect and look out for Ariel like she’s his own. In fact, he takes on a more nurturing role for Ariel than her own father does, even if he does complain about it most of the time.

Leo: Genie from Aladdin

If there’s any Disney sidekick who adores the spotlight as much as a Leo, it’s Genie. The constant life of every party and a lover of the dramatic flair, Genie is a “go big or go home” type of guy. He’s also intensely affectionate with a magnetic personality, which makes him the idea Disney representative for Leo.

Virgo: Timon from The Lion King

Thanks to his analytical nature and stress-prone attitude, Timon is a total Virgo. He’s the planner, the brains of the operation — and he likes things a certain way but doesn’t want to have to work too hard to get it. While he sometimes thinks he knows more than he does, anyone could benefit from having a friend like Timon on their team.

Libra: Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast

Lumiere is the glue that holds everything together in Beauty and the Beast while his master and fellow servants suffer from the enchantress’s curse. He spends his days trying to keep everyone happy and maintain balance in the household, which is very Libra. His affectionate nature and enjoyment of the finer things in life also make him a great Libra representative.

Scorpio: Tinkerbell from Peter Pan

The positive side to Scorpio is how fiercely loyal they can be. The downside is that they can be jealous, manipulative and possessive, and Tinkerbell is all of these things and more. Put simply, she’s a little force of nature who you’d want on your side but would hate to have as an enemy.

Sagittarius: Olaf from Frozen

Do you have that one friend who’s just enthralled or excited by everything? Then they’re probably a Sagittarius, and that’s the description that fits Olaf to a T. This sidekick loves a little adventure and always manages to see the bright side of things, whatever obstacles come his way.

Capricorn: Maximus from Tangled

Maximus eventually becomes a loyal, loving friend to Rapunzel and Eugene and Tangled, but this palace horse is best-known for his determined, task-oriented nature. True to Capricorn form, Maximus values results and will settle for nothing less than perfection when it comes to achieving a goal.

Aquarius: Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio

Aquarians love to give their opinions, whether those opinions are wanted or not. That’s why this sign fits Jiminy Cricket so well — he serves as Pinocchio’s conscience and never hesitates to offer a listening ear or a word of advice. More interested in practical knowledge than emotions, Jiminy is the quintessential Disney sidekick symbol of the water bearer.

Pisces: Pumba from The Lion King

Pumba may seem unassuming at first, but he’s actually smarter and more intuitive than he looks. Both sensitive and in tune to the world around him despite some of his slower tendencies when it comes to practical knowledge, Pumba plays the polar opposite as a Pisces to Timon’s more analytical Virgo qualities.

Obviously, no Disney character fits perfectly into one sign, so this is just a fun game you can play based on your horoscope. Which sign are you, and do you think you have any qualities in common with the corresponding Disney sidekicks?

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