The Office/Zodiac Mashup You’ve Been Waiting For

The Office was an instant hit, and it’s no wonder. We didn’t have to work at Dunder Mifflin to relate to the awkwardness, boredom, or hilarity of the average workplace. From uncomfortable HR presentations to never-ending pointless meetings, The Office offered something for all of us. In light of that, this is The Office/Zodiac mashup we’ve all been waiting for. Which Office character are you based solely on your sun sign?

We’ve given you a little refresher in the video above, so if you need some help with a who’s who… check it out!

Aries- Andy

A total go-getter and optimist who is happy to lead the pack, Andy has total Aries energy. He might be a little gullible and perhaps a tiny bit immature, but his loyalty and assertiveness make him stand out as an Aries.

Taurus- Oscar

Is there any doubt that Oscar has total Taurus vibes? Great style, high standards, and fierce determination describe Taurus but fit Oscar’s whole mood to a T.

Gemini- Jim

Let’s just go through this one step-by-step. Able to love Pam in secret and yet still carry on with his life? Check! Highly competitive and able to turn even the most boring day at the office into a game? Double check! Quick witted, charming, and always up for an adventure? Triple check! Jim definitely fits in with the Gemini life.

Cancer- Phyllis

Most likely to keep to herself, Phyllis has some mega Cancer energy. She can be savage when needed—just one of her many moods—but she’s also got strong nurturing energy. She can drop truth on you just as fast as passing you a tissue, making her the one most likely to bring that moody Cancer vibe.

Leo- Kelly

Incredibly confident and always admiring herself in a mirror? Hello! That’s totally Kelly. Kelly’s Leo vibes don’t just end with her epic mojo. She’s also a strong leader—if a little too needy when it comes to attention. She wants to be worshipped, and she loves that about herself. Total Leo mood going on here!

Virgo- Angela

Angela is buttoned up. Literally. Sure, she can let her hair (and everything else) down sometimes behind closed doors, but Angela likes things her way—neat, orderly, and with her values front and center. Just like Virgos everywhere.

Libra- Michael

While many of the Zodiac signs may be calling “Not It” when it comes to claiming Michael, he does have some serious Libra energy. He’s totally focused on relationships, is completely outgoing, and is definitely a people-person. While he may sometimes qualify as World’s Worst Boss who thinks he’s the World’s Best Boss, his heart is good, and he loves to keep the peace — to the extent that making a decision often feels impossible. Libra energy FTW.

Scorpio- Darryl

You’ve really got to watch those quiet ones. Darryl may keep to himself, but he’s the first with a savage comeback, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he got more action than the whole office combined with his laid back attitude likely disguising some serious fire.

Sagittarius- Ryan

You can’t tie him down. Trust me, Kelly has tried. Ryan has super Sagittarius energy. Freedom-loving, adventurous, restless, and progressive, he may have started out as an intern, but he knows just what he has to offer.

Capricorn- Dwight

Dwight isn’t the least bit shy about this desire to climb the corporate ladder. In fact, he’s willing to befriend whoever he needs to in order to make that happen. Of course, his idea of being friends might be to keep your friends close and enemies closer. Still, Dwight is loyal where it counts, unfailingly ambitious, and undeterred by setbacks. If that’s not total Capricorn energy, I don’t know what is.

Aquarius- Stanley

Stanley may not give much away — other than annoyance — but his temperamental and stubborn vibe totally puts him in the Aquarius category. He’s not worried about fitting into the office or making friends with his boss. He wants to do his job and go live his life, and he has Aquarius sensibilities written all over him.

Pisces- Pam

Pam has a pretty definite Pisces vibe. It’s not just her artistic side that makes her an ideal fit here either. Her strong sense of compassion, gentle demeanor, heightened sensitivity, and tendency to try to escape things she doesn’t yet want to deal with (ahem, loving Jim, for a million seasons) have a big Pisces vibe.

The Office may have wormed its way into our hearts and has certainly taken its place in pop culture, but it’s not hard to see which character you might have been based on your Zodiac sign. It’s not hard. And in the words of Michael Scott, “That’s what she said.”

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