Leo Horoscope

January 28, 2021… Like an elephant running from a mouse, the Leos will likely be treading water to get away from people today. Run!!! Leo, your fiery nature makes you hard to pin down when it comes to love, which is likely totally fine with you, I’m sure. However, the nurturing vibes that will be the air today may make you feel extra-special smothered by the people around you. Actually, you may even lose your cool and snap at the people closest to you to back the heck off. It’s not a good look for you. Instead, try using your knack for thinking to put into words what you need (e.g. I could use some space) without pouring verbal hot lava on someone’s face. You can do it, Lion!

Today’s Astrovibe for 1/27/21: The Moon in Cancer will oppose Venus and Pluto in Cap today. You may need to break away from the normal. Revealing things about yourself can pop up, so be on the look out… no matter your Sign.