Aries Horoscope

Apr 13, 2024… Jumping in to help out isn’t just your cup of tea; it’s your whole entire M.O, Ram, and today will be a great vibe for just that. With a Moon in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces and then moving into Cancer, you’ll likely want to take in some new information and then use it to help someone out. Could be a colleague, customer, partner, or friend. Could be your dog, your neighbor’s cat, the stranger behind you in line. What? I’m not a psychic! I’m just saying that if you learn something new today, keep in mind how it might help others, and you’ll likely sit down with a nice cuppa by end of day to enjoy a sense of satisfaction and progress, Aries.

Today’s Astrovibe for 4/12/24: The Moon in Gemini will square Saturn and Mars in Pisces. You could be looking deeply at your inner and outer world. What’s other people’s stuff? What’s yours? This vibe could find you re-evaluating what you’ve got and what you project onto people and situations. Insights abound!



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