Libra Horoscope

January 29, 2021… What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas — unless you contract a disease. Then that gank comes home with you. What’s that have to do with today’s horoscope forecast? Not crap. It’s just a lesson about practicing good health habits. Anyway, today Libras will likely deal with a bubbling brook of disagreements and differing opinions. Because your strong opinions are often linked to your sense of self, you could feel like you’re under attack when people disagree with you thanks to the Moon in Leo opposing Mercury in Aquarius. Sigh. Try to open yourself up to conversational debates without getting too attached to your beliefs. It’s okay to want to stick to your guns, but you could be missing out on some interesting opinions if you push away people who don’t agree with you. Ride on the vibes of intellect and foster a yearning for learning to turn uncomfortable disagreements into engaging discussions. You’re gonna learn today — sweet!

Today’s Astrovibe for 1/28/21: Moon in Leo will oppose Saturn, the Sun and Jupiter in Aquarius. This vibe could seem to amplify stuff… make it seem bigger than comfortable. That could be emotions, feeling restricted, or whatever is itching you. Love, warmth, and a little lightness can be the answer to your woes.