Sagittarius Horoscope

January 23, 2021… Like bread that’s been perfectly toasted on both sides, harmony and balance will be the name of the game today thanks to the primo vibes coming from Moon in Gemini. Saggy, if your aim has been off recently, a helping of today’s energies can get you back to peak performance as you figure out the root cause of your “off-ness.” Soak up the airy vibes and get ready for the performance of a lifetime, Archer. You can get your aim back to spot-on perfection. Believe in yourself. Make it happen.

Today’s Astrovibe for 1/22/21: The Moon in Taurus will trine Venus and Pluto in Cap. People might try to mother you and you could get on edge from that, and maybe need space. It can be hard to understand that people have your best interests in mind if you’re feeling smothered. Of course, you could be the one over-doing it… so remember that when helping out. Helping is great. Hovering? Not so much.