Sagittarius Horoscope

Jun 30, 2022… Today’s energetic symptoms will include one feverish clusterfluck of love me with a side order of leave me the hell alone. You might be tempted to open mouth, insert foot today. When you talk about what you need, take care to err on the side of keeping it cool. A tendency to self-sabotage could kick in if you don’t find a good balance between wanting love and needing space. Alternating people time with solitude and self-care might be just what the doctor ordered for a most magnificent Thursday, Saggy.

Today’s Astrovibe for 6/29/22: The Moon in Cancer will conjunct Ceres and square Chiron in Aries today. You may need to break away from the normal. Revealing things about yourself can pop up, so be on the look out… no matter your Sign.



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