About Astro Vibe

Astrovibe is a daily horoscope created for cool people. You know, like you! Let’s face it: Life can be an epic train wreck. We honor the imperfections that are woven into each person’s day — with humor, love, inspiration and some brutally honest, sassy horoscopes to lift you up and offer you a smile each day.

Real Astrology — No Nonsense 

The planets don’t control you. The fact that some people think they do is, frankly, a bunch of crap. Still, a great horoscope can absolutely help you navigate your day like a secret map. Edited and plotted with real daily aspects to the Moon by a real astrologer working with a team of smart, gifted humans with brag-worthy psych degrees — your horoscope is as smart as you are and can offer insights to better navigate this sh*tshow we call life. 

Sun Signs

Sun Signs sure aren’t all there is to astrology. Some people even slam on Horoscopes because they are simplified. Okay. We get it. However, the Sun is important because it represents the psychological ego (your sense of “I am”). 

A Better Approach

So, what we do is take the vibe for the day based on real aspects to the Moon and other noteworthy astrological stuff — and then help you navigate that vibe using the archetype of the Sun Sign — that personal sense of “I am”! Then, what you do with your day is up to you. Our job is to help you have the best day every, every day. Your job is to get out there and live it.

Can I Read for My Rising Sign?

First, you can read any signs you damn well please. Read for yourself, your partner, your Mom, your unrequited crush from the 7th grade, all of your seven cats… whatever makes you happy!
But, sure. If you want to see how the day’s vibe could be applied to your Rising Sign, Moon Sign, etc, have at it. Don’t know what a Rising Sign is? No problem. We’ll add some stuff to Astrovibe to learn all about it!

Bring Your Sense of Humor

Astrovibe is fun, irreverent, sometimes snarky and a hot mess — just like you. Read daily while on line at your favorite coffee shop (you know, where they always misspell your name on your cup) — but not while sipping said coffee, lest it come out your nose (never a good time). Read just about anywhere — other than at that work meeting where giggling might be embarrassing, while driving, or near elevator shafts.