Pisces Horoscope

Mar 28, 2023… Hope you’ll be ready for a heaping helping of intuition served up with all the feels, Fishy. That’ll be the whole mood of a Cancer Moon conjunct Mars, trine Saturn in Pisces, and square the Sun in Aries. Of course, you’ll be quite comfortable with whatever moods this day throws your way. After all, you have at least that many by breakfast, but the intuitive vibe could help you get a sense of direction rather than just letting your rapidly changing feelings guide your decisions. You’ll want to trust your gut and open your heart. That’ll help you be ready for whatever gifts this day might deliver when you navigate by your knowing and hear with your heart, Pisces.

Today’s Astrovibe for 3/29/23: The Moon in Cancer will square Chiron, Jupiter and Mercury in Aries today. You could find yourself at the center of attention, but be careful to share the spotlight — and with what you share while IN the spotlight. So, be sure to get dressed before that Zoom call!



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