Pisces Horoscope

Apr 11, 2024… Maybe peel your face off the glass of life and take a step or two back. Perspective, Fishy, perspective. Get some. With a Gemini Moon trine Pluto in Aquarius, an up-close-and-personal view of your problems may only make matters worse whereas a big picture view will likely help bring clarity. Focusing on your own internal thought processes will be important, but it will be equally important to gain outward perspective while putting a plan into place. Rather than withdrawing, consider this the helpful sort of time-out where you can get yourself together before moving forward. Breathe. Think. Act. You’ve totally got this, Pisces.

Today’s Astrovibe for 4/12/24: The Moon in Gemini will square Saturn and Mars in Pisces. You could be looking deeply at your inner and outer world. What’s other people’s stuff? What’s yours? This vibe could find you re-evaluating what you’ve got and what you project onto people and situations. Insights abound!



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