Pisces Horoscope

Jan 27, 2022… People say act your age, not your shoe size, but today you might feel as old as dirt. That heavy feeling could be coming in with the Moon in Sag square Jupiter. That earthy feeling doesn’t have to be heavy though. With this vibe, there could be growth and maturity, and while that could have you feeling extra responsible, don’t forget that the plus side of adulting is getting to treat yourself. So, enjoy today’s growth and insights but treat yourself to an ice cream or a swear word coloring book. Embrace all that adulting entails, Fishy.

Today’s Astrovibe for 1/28/22: The Moon in Sag will square Neptune in Pisces. Things could seems extra easy… and you might be bobbling and weaving with changes as they arise like a pro. Personal relationships can be a challenge though… you could either be pulled away from something you need to do by them OR perhaps neglect relationships over the things you’re hyperfocused on. Find balance and diplomacy will be the cure for any of those ills while you surf this awesome vibe.



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