Leo Horoscope

Jun 24, 2024… Fast, so fast. Speedy Lion, raring to go! Vroom, vroom, wenches. Easy on the caffeine there! My dude, you likely won’t need an energy drink once the Moon in Aquarius squares Mars in Taurus and trines Jupiter in Gemini this Monday, cause the new aspects will be bringing move it, move it vibes. Your mind will likely shift from introspection to action, which means whatever your brainy head thought could use change or improvement can actually — wait for it — be done! Take your thoughtful ideas (plus the vibes) and turn them into a reality. Go get it, Leo!

Today’s Astrovibe for 6/24/24: The Moon in Aquarius will square Mars in Taurus and trine Jupiter in Gemini. While the day may start out as an extension of yesterday (a little dreamy and introspective), expect an outward, active vibe to kick in later. After spending a little time in introspection or spirituality, it can be a great vibe to put your dreams into action. Even if you feel stuck right now, working on your plan can help your heart and soul!



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