Cancer Horoscope

Dec 9, 2023… Like glitter bombs and rainbow sparkles, today’s energy will be less what-the-actual-fork and more hell-to-the-yeah with the Moon in Scorpio opposing Jupiter in Taurus, conjunct Venus, and trine Mars in Pisces. Actually, nix the glitter (too much cleanup) because today will be too chill even for all that, Crabby. Think warm lovey vibes from yesterday flowing into a cool, easy vibe. Your natural inclination toward communication will be feeling this energy, and you could find yourself lending a hand to help solve a problem or offering excellent advice to help others find a solid course of action. Just don’t be tempted to gossip about what didn’t work before. Stick to applying your personal sparkle to a solution for a spectacularly stellar day!

Today’s Astrovibe for 12/9/23: The Moon in Scorpio will oppose Jupiter in Taurus, conjunct Venus, and trine Mars in Pisces today. It could start out much like yesterday, but then the energy shifts to being more carefree. Stick to the things you have experience with for the win.



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