Cancer Horoscope

Apr 12, 2024… Your business and not your business are actually two totally different things, Crabby. Seriously. I mean it. With a Moon in Gemini square Saturn and Mars in Pisces, the energy will call for you to figure out what’s your business and to figure out that some things aren’t. As much as you love a good gab session (who doesn’t like spilling some tea?), be sure that you mind your business and not tell everyone else’s. Choosing the high ride will ultimately improve your relationships and help you focus on what you need to be working on. Give it a go, Cancer.

Today’s Astrovibe for 4/12/24: The Moon in Gemini will square Saturn and Mars in Pisces. You could be looking deeply at your inner and outer world. What’s other people’s stuff? What’s yours? This vibe could find you re-evaluating what you’ve got and what you project onto people and situations. Insights abound!



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