Cancer Horoscope

Mar 29, 2023… You’re a star, Crabby! One of a billion, give or take. The Moon in Cancer square Chiron, Jupiter and Mercury in Aries could be shining the spotlight on you, but you might get into trouble if you don’t share center stage. In particular, you’ll likely face the urge to take more credit than your due, which is such a low move. Like, how would you feel if someone did that to you? Does vengeance and stabbing come to mind? At any rate, you’ll likely need to channel your inner beautiful soul in order to rise above temptation today. Aim high, Cancer.

Today’s Astrovibe for 3/29/23: The Moon in Cancer will square Chiron, Jupiter and Mercury in Aries today. You could find yourself at the center of attention, but be careful to share the spotlight — and with what you share while IN the spotlight. So, be sure to get dressed before that Zoom call!



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