Cancer Horoscope

Dec 1, 2022… It’s now or never!!! Cancer, you could be feeling under pressure to get stuff done as initiative and action get revved up by the Moon in Pisces conjunct Jupiter and Neptune and square Mercury in Sag energies. Try not to rage out, Crabby. While it could feel like hounds from Hades are nipping at your heels, it’s really just the vibes and they’ve got no bite. Stand your ground and command these energies to work for you, not against you. You could get quite a bit accomplished when you make use of the day and pour your heart into constructive activities. You’re magnificent!

Today’s Astrovibe for 12/1/22: The Moon in Pisces will conjunct Jupiter and Neptune and square Mercury in Sag on this lovely day ahead. Action and initiative could come easily. It wouldn’t be a surprise if any of the Signs take big steps toward their goals. Plus, it will still be great for learning, absorbing information and taking strides toward moving upward. Inner strength? That’ll be a great way to describe YOU!



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