Gemini Horoscope

October 26, 2020… I’m going to guess that you didn’t just develop the power to read minds, but it might feel like you did with all this intuitive Pisces Moon energy trine the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio. You won’t have to hang out a psychic shingle and go into business or anything, but you might want to pay attention to the energy you pick up on. If you get a sense of dishonesty, believe it. If you feel like someone could be trustworthy, maybe they are. Trust your feels today, but also remember that other people might be reading you, too. If you’ve got a secret double life out there, Twin, it could be in danger of being exposed. Make sure your values align with your life because today will be all about shining a light on shady business and seeing our relationships clearly.

Today’s Astrovibe for 10/26/20: The Moon in Pisces will trine the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio. Intuition could be spot on with a vibe like this. If you’re reading other people like a book, they could be reading you, too — so keep that in mind as you go forth and own the day.