December 22 until January 19
Polarity: Feminine/Receptive
Quality: Cardinal
Element: Earth
Symbol: The Goat
Keyphrase: I Use
Ruler: Saturn

What do goats do? Climb, Baby. Climb.

Such is the Cap… ambitious, sometimes to a fault.

The fact that they like to be right and like to win is an understatement. I mean, kind of thing can be out of control.

They meet their enemies head on… and will rush toward conflict at times to headbutt it like a steel freight train.

They are driven to stay on top of the world. Capricorn’s greatest lesson is to be able to balance the heavy weight of responsibility that comes from their ruler Saturn without being a tenacious downer.

Their highest calling though, is that they are reliable and won’t be likely to give up on people they love. Smart and strong, the Cap is a winner who worked their ass off to be that way.

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