Are Libras Diplomatic or Just Passive Aggressive Twerps?


Your friendly neighborhood Libra may seem all love and light. After all, they’re the first to consider every side to the story, and they don’t often jump to conclusions. In fact, they’re great about really thinking about your problem and not just jumping in to give you advice without considering all the possible outcomes. Their diplomacy is legendary, so you definitely want one by your side when it comes to managing conflict or dealing with a serious breakup.

But are they great diplomats or…

Are they just passive aggressive little twits? You might be asking yourself this very question if you’ve just been on the receiving end of expert shade thrown by a Libra friend. While you’re trying to work out if they just said what you think they just said, they’re likely moving on to the next target.

That’s the thing with low-vibing Libras.

They can be both judge and jury and then pass sentence as easily as drinking a pumpkin spice latte while smiling to your face. You may not know that you’ve been judged — not when they simply throw shade and hit you with some passive aggressive nonsense like the proverbial backhanded compliment or well-timed eyebrow quirk that implies whatever you just said or did is nonsense. You could even be questioning if you saw what you saw or if you’re just jumping to conclusions yourself.

In a relationship with a Libra…

They could be so busy trying to keep the peace that they agree with you just to get you to shut the hell up. Or maybe buy you something pretty so you think you’ve won the argument while they go right on thinking they were right. They’re just as likely to run you down to their friends as sing your praises, and they are most definitely keeping score. Serving up a little snark with a smile might have you wondering if your Libra is as loving and light-filled as you once thought— or if they’re about to set all your stuff on fire and roast marshmallows over the flames.

High-vibing Libras can also throw shade — but they usually don’t. They have excellent judgment but are more likely to apply it to their own business and not get all up in yours. If you ask for their advice, you’ll get it, but you may not like it. Keep that in mind before you ask. Their intellect is impressive, and they may see nuances you haven’t yet considered. They can be tempted to wade in with unsolicited advice, but their bright personality will sometimes have you giving this particular quirk a free pass.

Your high-vibing Libras may be the diplomats

The low-vibing ones simply serve shade with a smile, but most Libras probably fall somewhere in the middle. Capable of great love, light, and peace, Libras can be a wonderful friend or lover, but maybe don’t cross them. The phrase “do no harm, but take no crap” may have been created with Libras in mind. When their sense of injustice is provoked, they can go just a little crazy. You could find yourself being gaslighted with undercover snark, or you could be on the receiving end of an emotional outburst.

The rest of the time they’ll be your go-to person for great advice, and they can also be the most fun friend to have at any party. Just be sure that if you think they just threw some shade, you’re probably right— but you probably deserved it, too.

They’re more notorious for being right than the late RBG herself, and if you’ve found yourself judged, it couldn’t hurt to backtrack and figure out why. The good thing about Libras is that if they’re in the wrong, they’ll be able to admit it—provided you make a good case for yourself.

And if you’re in the wrong? Well, I hope you enjoy roasted marshmallows.

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