What Does MakeMake Mean in Astrology?

There have been several new dwarf planets identified in the last twenty years. In the past, Greek and Roman mythology have been at the center of the West’s naming conventions for all things astronomical and astrological. Now, some of our contemporary discoveries are jumping the couch, branching out, and getting some diversity for a change.

Near Easter in 2005, astronomer Michael Brown discovered a body of interest in the Kuiper Belt that his team dubbed “the Easter Bunny.” The official name of this space rock, at the time, was 2005 FY9. Once the Easter Bunny was found to have status as a dwarf planet in 2008, he was renamed MakeMake (pronounced maki-maki) for the creation god of the Polynesian people of Rapa Nui (also known as Easter Island).

As a relative newcomer to astronomy and astrology, MakeMake is making a splash by casting off old trends and adding more depth to astrology. 

Cool Things About MakeMake

One of the notable characteristics of MakeMake is its size. It is the third-largest known dwarf planet, after Pluto and Eris, with a diameter estimated to be about two-thirds that of Pluto. 

MakeMake’s surface is believed to be covered in a layer of frozen methane and other organic compounds like nitrogen and carbon monoxide. However, due to its distance from Earth and limited observations, the details of its geology and composition still remain somewhat elusive. Nevertheless, spectroscopic studies have indicated the presence of crystalline ice on its surface, suggesting possible ongoing cryovolcanic activity or past eruptions that have shaped its landscape.

MakeMake does not have any known moons accompanying it in its orbit. However, further exploration and study could potentially reveal additional companions or objects in its vicinity.

It takes MakeMake about 306 years to take one trip around the Sun, but one day on MakeMake is only two hours short of a day on Earth.

The Mythology and Archetype of MakeMake

MakeMake is a deity from the mythology of the Rapa Nui people of Easter Island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. He is considered the supreme creator god and a symbol of fertility, abundance, and spiritual power.

According to Rapa Nui mythology, MakeMake played a pivotal role in the creation of the world and humanity. He was believed to have formed the first humans out of clay and breathed life into them, granting them the gift of existence. MakeMake was revered as the giver of life and the source of all living beings on Easter Island.

MakeMake was also associated with the cycles of nature and agricultural abundance. The Rapa Nui people relied heavily on agriculture for sustenance, and MakeMake was seen as the provider of fertile lands, bountiful crops, and successful harvests. Rituals and ceremonies were performed to honor MakeMake and seek his blessings for agricultural prosperity.

In addition to his role as a creator and fertility deity, MakeMake was considered a guardian of the Rapa Nui people. He was believed to watch over and protect the island and its inhabitants, ensuring their well-being and safety. He was invoked in times of crisis or danger, and the Rapa Nui people sought his guidance and assistance in times of need.

MakeMake’s significance extended beyond the earthly realm. He was also associated with the spiritual realm and the afterlife. It was believed that after death, the souls of the deceased would join MakeMake in the heavens, where they would find eternal peace and bliss.

What Does MakeMake Mean in Astrology?

MakeMake has been in Libra since 2015, and will not leave until 2046. Prior to that, he was in Virgo since 1986, with the exception of slipping back into Leo for a bit during an early retrograde period. Like Eris, MakeMake moves so slowly that it may take a while for astrologers to really get a firm handle on what he truly means on a personal level. While new discoveries are exciting, these things often take years of study to truly get the nuance of how a newer dwarf planet reflects from the chart to the person by sign, house, and aspect.

Like other planets before, we can look at the mythology and what was going on during the recognition of MakeMake as a dwarf planet. 2008 saw not only a dwarf planet named after a different culture’s god then the traditionally Mediterranean names, but the first person of color sitting as a US President. When MakeMake was renamed from Easter Bunny to the powerful creation god of Easter Island, the number one song on the charts was Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl.”

There was a financial and housing crisis, followed by a push for universal healthcare in the US. MakeMake was in very earthy Virgo when named, and Virgo can be attached to health, service, and humility.

There was a palpable change in the US, and the world, by 2015 when MakeMake moved into Libra, the sign of balance, which seems to have overcorrected for any social progress, whether the progress was for better or worse.  

Meanwhile, the mythology and archetype is about protection, creation, abundance, and spirituality. 

We might expect MakeMake, on a generational level, to reflect the fight between the progressive and conservative trends, based on what we have seen so far since his discovery. The research into MakeMake’s synchronicity with society’s ups and downs prior to discovery are still being studied.

In a chart, he may be similar in action, perhaps showing us where we need to grow or fight against our own growth or recreation. MakeMake may also show where we need to grow spiritually. Certainly, as we learn, we will know more about this new and exciting dwarf planet. What a time to be alive!

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