Leo Horoscope

Dec 8, 2023… When I think about you I touch myself!!! Whoa, that’s a lot to digest. I meant I pat myself on the head. Geez. With the some spicy vibes in the air today, Leos could get a little extra touchy-feely — maybe too much so. It’s okay to give into some desires, but make sure you aren’t invading somebody’s Area 51. If you do so, they reserve the right to taze you. Okay, well, maybe not — but you get the picture. Still, so long as you respect boundaries, you could benefit from the Libra Moon vibes. Enjoy some simple pleasures this Friday!

Today’s Astrovibe for 12/9/23: The Moon in Scorpio will oppose Jupiter in Taurus, conjunct Venus, and trine Mars in Pisces today. It could start out much like yesterday, but then the energy shifts to being more carefree. Stick to the things you have experience with for the win.



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