Leo Horoscope

Apr 11, 2024… Who cut the crap? It could be you, Leo. With a helping of the vibes from the Moon trine Pluto in Aquarius, you could get a serious reality check. While that might not sound particularly exciting for the fantastical daydreamers, getting a realistic view of your situation can ultimately assist you in finding the best solutions to resolve issues. With the astro vibes on your side, you can cut the crap on overthinking and self sabotage. Prepare for battle, Lion!

Today’s Astrovibe for 4/12/24: The Moon in Gemini will square Saturn and Mars in Pisces. You could be looking deeply at your inner and outer world. What’s other people’s stuff? What’s yours? This vibe could find you re-evaluating what you’ve got and what you project onto people and situations. Insights abound!



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