Capricorn Horoscope

Dec 1, 2022… When pigs fly? More like when Goats fly! And this Thursday, Caps could be soaring — toward their goals, that is. Indeed, taking leaps and bounds on the path to accomplishing your dreams will be fully supported by the Moon in Pisces conjunct Jupiter and Neptune and square Mercury in Sag. You can soak up the vibes of initiative and may even feel unstoppable. Just remember, you do have limits. Despite the raging go, go, go energies, it’ll be important to take breaks and do self-care along the way to your goals. Like, you can’t obtain your dreams if you’re passed out from exhaustion y’know? Go get it! Uh, but within reason.

Today’s Astrovibe for 12/1/22: The Moon in Pisces will conjunct Jupiter and Neptune and square Mercury in Sag on this lovely day ahead. Action and initiative could come easily. It wouldn’t be a surprise if any of the Signs take big steps toward their goals. Plus, it will still be great for learning, absorbing information and taking strides toward moving upward. Inner strength? That’ll be a great way to describe YOU!



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