Virgo Horoscope

April 16, 2021… Overthinking all the things might feel a lot more comfortable to you than over-feeling, analytical Virgo. As the Gemini Moon squares Neptune in Pisces, you could be in for all the feely feels. Before you pull the covers over your head to make a strong pros and cons list about participating in today, remember that the vibes will be powerful for the best kinds of feelings. Instead of automatically assuming the worst, brainy Virgin, don’t forget that sometimes feels can be fantastic. Like when you achieve your goals and celebrate with bubbly. Embrace the day’s high vibes, and you’ll likely find an added boost to your normal motivation. Drop the desire to make a blanket fort and hide from the day, V. Saddle up!

Today’s Astrovibe for 4/16/21: The Moon in Gemini will square Neptune in Pisces. This could start a shift from deep thoughts to even deeper feels. Unexpected delights could present themselves, with this cute aspect to wild and wonderful Neptune. Enjoy!