Aries Horoscope

October 26, 2020… Xray vision might seem cool — until you catch on that everyone else has it, too. Hope you wore clean underwear, Ram. Today’s Pisces Moon trine the sun and Mercury in Scorpio could have you seeing people as they are, but the flipside of that is that this intuitive energy will have them seeing you clearly today, too. The energy won’t be about trying to hide your flaws but about being real and honest with yourself and other people. This day could really clarify a few things for you, as long as you get comfy in the skin you’re in and listen to your gut. And don’t forget the clean underwear, too.

Today’s Astrovibe for 10/26/20: The Moon in Pisces will trine the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio. Intuition could be spot on with a vibe like this. If you’re reading other people like a book, they could be reading you, too — so keep that in mind as you go forth and own the day.