Sun Signs and the Retro Trends They’d Love to See Make a Comeback

Zodiac Retro Trends
Zodiac Retro Trends

We all have trends that have gone the way of the dinosaurs that we wouldn’t mind seeing resurface again. Big hair, leggings, and dangly earrings came right back in style, and as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, other old trends will be new again. If the sun signs could bring back some old trends, here’s what they’d wish for:


Aries’ sense of wonder could really get a boost if we’d just bring back body glitter. And glitter eyeshadow. And anything sparkly, really. Their childlike sense of enthusiasm could get a big kick out of slathering themselves with body glitter.


Taurus may be ready for jewels to come back in style—and not just for special occasions either. Wearing a positively ridiculous amount of precious gemstones sounds like bliss to Taureans.


Spy stuff in cereal boxes: that’s what Gem would like to see come back. Secret decoder pens and rings, invisible ink, and all the other trappings of a would-be double agent. After all, a secret life might certainly appeal to Geminis everywhere—and, hey, it’s just for fun, right?


Cancer really needs mood rings to come back. Not only so everyone else can figure out what mood they’re in, but so they can find out as well.


Leo wants to know if we can bring back dance cards—just so they can point out that theirs would already be filled. Because who wouldn’t want to dance with Leo?


Virgo is desperately waiting for someone to bring back the white glove trend. Make this stylish and elegant again- stat! And the plus side is that you don’t have to ever have human contact, and you can make sure a room is up to your exacting cleaning standards.


Libra may be sitting around waiting for someone to bring back the party line. Group chats just may not be cutting it. Anything social gets Libra’s seal of approval.


Scorpio would be down for seeing chokers make a comeback. They’re multipurpose: fashionable and also good for when you really want to choke the crap out of someone — just reach and yank. Seriously, pair it with a little emo liner and RBF, and you communicate that whole get-lost-or-I-could-take-you-out vibe so well.


Sagittarius could stand to see two trends resurface: making trench coats fashionable again for more than a late-night booty call and steamer trunks. Trench coats could give Saggy the mysterious feel that suits them down to the ground, and the steamer trunk is great for the adventurer who wants all the comforts of home with them at all times. Being free to roam is important to Sags, and a steamer trunk would allow greater flexibility—and longer trips!


Capricorns wouldn’t mind if we brought back calling cards. If you drop by unannounced, or frankly even announced, they want to know why you’re here and what you want. Plus, they want to have a calling card to give out when they grace upper management with their presence. Until they become upper management and get brand spanking new calling cards of their own to let everyone know.


Aquarius likely isn’t waiting for any trend to come back because they’re busy marching to the beat of their own drummer — likely while wearing a fedora or a peasant top. After all, trends don’t mean much when you just do whatever it is you want to do anyway.


Pisces would be down to bring back the dog-as-fashion-accessory trend, simply to keep their fur babies close at all times. Wearing regular babies is okay, so Pisces can’t see a problem with treating the fur-variety with just as much care.

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