Taurus Horoscope

May 25, 2024… Go ahead and treat yourself. You’ve earned it, Bull. The Moon in Sag will be square Neptune in Pisces and then moving into Capricorn, which could kick the energy into high gear for wrapping things up before the big stuff. Use the first part of the day to clear out toxic energy, wrap up projects, and make peace with whatever issue may be bugging you. Then, you’ll have that self-care time to collect yourself before moving forward. Go ahead and adjust your crown and give yourself the royal treatment.

Today’s Astrovibe for 5/25/24: The Moon in Sag will square Neptune in Pisces and then move into Capricorn. It’ll be good for finishing up stuff that you’ve started, giving completed stuff a final once-over, or letting those out of the box ideas you’ve had come to full circle.



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