Taurus Horoscope

January 22, 2021… Moms are great until she gets all smothering and junk. Taureans tend to be the friend offering advice and somehow having everything that anyone could need in their bags and man purses — I mean, satchels. Unfortunately, the vibes today could have other signs feeling smothered by the nurturing types. It could be hard to take a step back from being helpful, but you may need to do just that. It’s okay to take a break from caring for someone else once in a while. Instead, try turning on some self-nurture and book yo-self a massage or get a hot bubblebath. You deserve some pampering!

Today’s Astrovibe for 1/22/21: The Moon in Taurus will trine Venus and Pluto in Cap. People might try to mother you and you could get on edge from that, and maybe need space. It can be hard to understand that people have your best interests in mind if you’re feeling smothered. Of course, you could be the one over-doing it… so remember that when helping out. Helping is great. Hovering? Not so much.