A Zodiac Sign’s Worst Nightmare

Zodiac Worst Nightmares
Zodiac Worst Nightmares

When my brother was younger, he had a recurring nightmare of a giant number 7 chasing him. Maybe it’s because 7 ate 9. Who knows? Even as we get older, though, we tend to have nightmares that are hard to shake. What’s your worst nightmare? No matter where you have any of these Signs in your chart, let’s take a peek… try not to scream.


The Ram’s worst nightmare is being chased by something unseen and unknown. If you can see it and you can punch it, you can defeat it. But if Aries doesn’t know what it’s facing, there’s no way to deal with it head on. Being helpless really is terrifying.


The Bull often has a recurring nightmare that their food has been tainted. Sometimes it’s as simple as hair in their soup, other times their spaghetti turns to worms. Gross!


The Twins scream dream about technology and communication issues. You know those moments in horror movies when there’s no cell signal? That sends chills down a Gemini’s spine. Whether they can’t reach someone through technology or they’ve gone mute, dreams about communication struggles haunt the Twins’ sleep.


The charismatic Crab’s ultimate fear is being told that their loved one doesn’t love them and/or being abandoned. Loneliness and rejection just don’t suit Cancer. In fact, that could drive them absolutely mad.


The Lion’s most frequent night terror is having all their teeth fall out. Not only is that totally unfabulous and unflattering in a literal way, it could also be a metaphor for losing one’s power (e.g. the lion’s teeth are it’s greatest weapon). Scary!


The Virgin’s greatest nightmare is a combination of running late and losing their memory. Think White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. Virgo is terrified of running late, and that fear can become terror when they can’t remember what they’re late for. Big yikes.


The Scales can’t handle dreams in which they’re alone. A life lived by themselves is a life of failure, according to these hopeless romantics. Any sort of dream where they’re alone for too long is basically a nightmare to Libra.


Scorpio’s greatest torment of imagination is being haunted by a ghost or tortured by a demon. Being in control is Scorpio’s greatest need, so fear of losing that through an unknown entity of malice causing mischief and mayhem is definitely a manifestation of that. Shadow people, demons, and spirits… it’s all so haunting.


The Archer’s need for freedom leads to nightmares about being trapped or limited in some way. Maybe they’re locked in a car under the ocean. Perhaps they lose some physical ability. Any dream about being constricted is terrifying to Saggy.


You know what the Goat loves? That’s right, climbing to the top. Their phobia is the opposite of that: falling. This fear often manifests as dreams about falling endlessly or everything crumbling beneath their feet. Shiver me timbers!


The Water Bearer’s darkest dream involves invisibility. Some people think being invisible would be cool, but to Aquarius, not being seen or heard would literally be the worst. Invisibility is only cool if you can control it and nightmares are usually out of control.


The Fishes have a great fear of the apocalypse. Like, the end is nigh and they’re often the last survivors. Perhaps even more terrifying than the events of the apocalypse is that in these nightmare, Pisces is unable to save the ones they love. That’s a hard pill to swallow.

Nightmares are manifestations of our worst fears and anxieties. Everybody has them and nobody likes them (except perhaps Tim Burton and Stephen King). The best way to cure yourself of a recurring nightmare is to figure out what your subconscious is trying to tell you and then dealing with the underlying anxiety. You CAN beat it. After all, this is all just a dream.

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