Taurus Horoscope

April 15, 2021… Taurus! The lightbulbs in your brain could be sparkling like a string of holiday lights this Thursday as the vibes encourage intellectual use of your instincts and values thanks to the Gemini Moon trining Saturn in Aquarius. Trust your gut when it grumbles and seek answers inside yourself during tough situations. Like Moana sailing across the ocean to return the Heart to Te Fiti, your soul knows the way. Try not to second guess your gut reactions. They’re usually right any other day, and today they’ll likely be heckin on point. Stay shiny!!!

Today’s Astrovibe for 4/16/21: The Moon in Gemini will square Neptune in Pisces. This could start a shift from deep thoughts to even deeper feels. Unexpected delights could present themselves, with this cute aspect to wild and wonderful Neptune. Enjoy!