Taurus Horoscope

Nov 30, 2022… (Honk, honk) GO OR GET OUT OF THE WAY!!! Road rage may not be the only way the action-oriented vibes of the Pisces Moon square the Sun and Venus in Sag and Mars in Gemini manifest within you, Taurus, but that’s certainly a possibility. While the vibes could irritate you as you explode with energy that you don’t know how to channel, that seems like a pretty suck-tastic way to waste the day away. Be the master of your ship and whatnot. Grab the helm of these energies and sail towards land-ho! Pick a project or activity to pour these vibes into. Choose a direction and go for it. Rock it out, Bull. I believe in you!

Today’s Astrovibe for 12/1/22: The Moon in Pisces will conjunct Jupiter and Neptune and square Mercury in Sag on this lovely day ahead. Action and initiative could come easily. It wouldn’t be a surprise if any of the Signs take big steps toward their goals. Plus, it will still be great for learning, absorbing information and taking strides toward moving upward. Inner strength? That’ll be a great way to describe YOU!



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