You and Your Marvelous Moon Sign

Moon Signs
Moon Signs

While less well-known in mainstream astrology than Sun Signs, the Moon is just as important. Why? Because your Sun Sign reflects your sense of self, also known as the psychological Ego… that thing where you say, “I am.”

The moon is a reflection of the “inner” you — your emotions, your subconscious reactions. It can also represent the experiences you’ve had with a nurturing parent during childhood, and the desires and instincts you don’t usually broadcast to the public eye.

If you’re interested in doing a little soul-searching and getting more in touch with that inner you, here’s a rundown of all the moon signs and their traits.


Moon in Aries can be ever-optimistic and eager to take on a challenge, those with the moon in Aries are givers and some of the most fun people to have around. Their downside is that they can be super impulsive and impatient — you can probably imagine how often that backfires.


Moon in Taurus individuals are thoughtful, gentle creatures you can usually trust to be responsible and practical. While they’re naturally warm and affectionate, they can also be stubborn and resistant to change.


Don’t underestimate the intellectual capacity of a Gemini moon. These people are creative, social, adaptable and quick to analyze any situation. On the other hand, they’re also often restless, indecisive and easily bored.


Since the moon rules this sign, you can expect that Cancer moons are some of the warmest, most empathetic individuals out there. However, their emotional vulnerability sometimes means they let their attachments go too far.


Leo moons are better feelers than intellectuals. They love creative pursuits and lighting up rooms with their energy and optimism. On the lower-vibe side, these people have a tendency to be bossy and self-centered.


Lunar Virgos are realists. Intellectual and eager to help others, they can be some of the most trustworthy friends and partners. Just watch out for their attitudes when they become overly critical.


It’s all about peace, love and beauty for these guys. On the bright side, Libra moons are adaptive to change and great with people — on the other hand, they can be a little dependent and perhaps TOO idealistic at times.


Lunar Scorpios passionate and intense, never doing anything halfway. They’re incredibly loyal, but they’re also not likely to let go of a betrayal — so you probably don’t want to be on their bad side!


There’s no such thing as too much adventure for the excitable, open-minded Sagittarius moon. This can be both a benefit and a setback, since these people can be a little (or a lot) reckless.


Capricorn moons are controlled and driven, ready to take on almost any responsibility. Their fear of failure and need for constant security are what hold them back the most.


If someone’s an Aquarius moon, they might be a charming, likable lover of ideas and knowledge. Try not to take it personally when they say something insensitive or get on a stubborn streak. Their first reaction may be to get angry, but they cool off just as quickly.


Pisces moons are a little bit magical. Most of the time, they are romantic, imaginative and loving. However, their overflow of strong emotions and indecisiveness can cause them trouble in life.

To Wrap it Up….

Your moon sign represents how you feel and react to the world around you, and it’s just as vital to understanding who you are as your relationship to the sun.

If you want to find out where your Moon Sign is, you can find free charts in a lot of places online!

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