The Zodiac Signs in an Escape Room

The Zodiac Signs Go to an Escape Room
The Zodiac Signs Go to an Escape Room

Welcome to the escape room: a fun night out for some, a night of terror for others. Following the clues could lead to your escape — assuming any of the Zodiac makes it out alive.


Okay, you’ve got about 5 minutes before Aries tries to kick down the door. Not only were they the first to get started on the clues, but when it was a little harder than they’d imagined, they lose all patience and start threatening violence if someone doesn’t let them out right now.


Sneering at the accommodations in the escape room could have Taurus wondering when the night will end. Of course, pure stubbornness could have them either refusing to participate or persisting until you’re free in record time. It all depends on their mood.


Gem has a lot of ideas, but you just have to make sure they follow through with them. After all, in an escape room, there can be a lot of puzzles to solve. Doing them all at the same time might be right in their wheelhouse, but that doesn’t mean they won’t get distracted and give up a project or two as their thoughts wander off.


Super excited one minute and screaming the next, Cancer might not be the most stable teammate in an escape room. Their emotions might run amok, and then the obstacle becomes how to calm them down before they lose their minds.


Leo found a mirror and now can’t be bothered to try to figure out whatever riddle you’re working on. They knew they looked good, but even they didn’t know they looked this good. If something scary pops up, they’ll stop long enough to protect and defend, but otherwise, you’re on your own.


Trying to take the tasks out of order could earn you a quick slap from rule-abiding Virgo who wants everything done just so. Don’t be surprised if you find them straightening the room while working out the clues either.


Libras don’t need to be the go-between on solving puzzles. While they’re great at seeing all the sides, they’re not so great at making decisions. And can they help it if they get distracted mid-task with a juicy bit of gossip?


Okay, so Scorpio didn’t realize that the escape room was for fun, and they might have gotten a little violent with the workers when the doors finally opened. It’s an easy mistake anyone could make…if they’re a Scorpio.


No, absolutely no freakin’ way! Somebody better have a paper bag Saggy can breathe into because they don’t do locked rooms. They need freedom, man! And lots of it. Cue the claustrophobia, and somebody better figure it out quick before Sagittarius totally loses it.


Cap has a plan, and they’ll be sure to outline it for you, in great detail, potentially using an app for just such a purpose on their phones. You may have to remind them to lighten up a few times because when it comes to goals, they’re super serious.


Aquarius could be quick to solve the puzzle, and they’ll have the best time doing it…until you disagree with them. They really dig the mental stimulation of an escape room, but butting heads with them in an enclosed space might not be ideal.


Pisces wandered off and found a corner to drink in. After all, might as well enjoy the time it takes everyone else to figure out the solution you saw from the moment you walked in. If they don’t figure it out, someone is bound to come let you out eventually anyway, so you might as well have another drink from your handy pocket flask.

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