Sagittarius Horoscope

Jun 28, 2022… Tape, glue, a muzzle. There are a ton of things you could use to keep your trap zipped tighter than a miser at a strip club. The Moon in Cancer will conjunct the Sun and square Jupiter in Aries, and the energy could be strong for open-mouth-insert-foot syndrome, Saggy. While you can be a total badass at leading and taking the initiative, you could come across like a total ass instead if you don’t choose carefully what you say and do. Practice the pause between thinking a thing and saying it (or doing it) and if all else fails, open-mouth-insert-taco might be a wiser course of action this Taco Tuesday.

Today’s Astrovibe for 6/29/22: The Moon in Cancer will conjunct Ceres and square Chiron in Aries today. You may need to break away from the normal. Revealing things about yourself can pop up, so be on the look out… no matter your Sign.



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