Sagittarius Horoscope

Mar 28, 2023… Unless your gut is demanding a million cookies, you can probably trust it today, Saggy. With a Cancer Moon conjunct Mars, trine Saturn in Pisces, and square the Sun in Aries, you might be feeling emotional, and comfort eating may be a thing, but it won’t be the best thing for you today. Instead, this day will be delivering a strong dose of intuition and empathy. This could help you connect with others with deeper compassion, but it may also help steer you away from the junk food and toward whatever it will be that you really need to get through all the feels without a bellyache. That could look like a nap, asking for a hug, or even just taking some time to pause and reflect. Maybe one cookie would really hit the spot. Trust your inner knowing, and you’ll move through this dreamy day with big love and care for yourself and other people close to you.

Today’s Astrovibe for 3/29/23: The Moon in Cancer will square Chiron, Jupiter and Mercury in Aries today. You could find yourself at the center of attention, but be careful to share the spotlight — and with what you share while IN the spotlight. So, be sure to get dressed before that Zoom call!



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