Sagittarius Horoscope

Oct 17, 2021… Have a nice sleep, Sag? Well, time to rock and roll your way out of your dreams and into your life. With a Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune, you might feel a little like the archer’s arrow — pulled back, ready, and launched toward all that you want. If that sounds a bit much before coffee, go ahead and grind those magic beans first. Then, rise and grind yourself. The shift will be toward learning new things, but don’t get too caught up in overthinking all of them. Instead, aim yourself at your goals and make a plan to get there. Then, start doing something. Even the smallest step will have you on your way, Saggy. Now drink your bean juice or similar beverage and get a move on!

Today’s Astrovibe for 10/18/21: The Moon in Aries will conjunct Chiron and oppose Mercury in Libra. Well, well, well… welcome Monday! Communications should flow well today, but you may have to put in the effort. You could be able to assert yourself well, so make those Monday meeting Zoom calls and get stuff done!



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