March 21 to April 19
Polarity: Masculine/Assertive
Quality: Cardinal
Element: Fire
Symbol: The Ram
Keyphrase: I Am
Ruler: Mars

Ever meet someone who could start something new with the passion and fire of a thousand suns but couldn’t stick with it or finish to save their own lives?

Yeah, Aries is who I’m talking about.

Aries was born to be the initiator. Seriously, no one can light it on fire like a Ram. Head first, they’re going in. Don’t bother to try to stop them. Well, until they’re suddenly done, drop the mic and go home. Then a Virgo or Cap will probably have to clean up the aftermath.

Aries is spicy.

Humor, childlike trust (and despite the rumors, they do have feelings and, as a result, they can be hurt… deeply… even if they don’t show it), and an appetite for adventure are all things Aries.

The keyphrase, I Am, reflects not only the need to live out loud but also the quest to discover the world and themselves.

That doesn’t mean they cannot be an epic pain in the ass. Oh, but they can! But you will enjoy every minute of it.

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