How the Zodiac Signs Apologize

How the Zodiac Signs Apologize
How the Zodiac Signs Apologize

If the pure Zodiac Signs were people, and they screwed up, how would the Signs apologize? Oh, these archetypes never stop entertaining us, do they?


“Sorry not sorry. I didn’t do anything wrong.” Admitting they did something wrong will be tough. If you can get them to see it, you might get a sheepish sorry before they forget it entirely and act like nothing happened.


“I’m sorry you’re wrong.” Give up. That might be the best you can get unless Taurus sees the issue themselves. Stubborn as a Bull, of course.


“I’m really sorry I made you mad, but I’ll probably do it again.” Honestly, they just can’t help it. Pushing buttons is just plain fun!


“I’m so, so, so sorry” said with flowers, a balloon, a card, sky-writing, and whatever way they can manage to convey their apologies in hopes you won’t leave them.


Flowers. Jewelry. A romantic dinner. Leos will show you sorry more than they’ll say it, but they are capable of coughing up an “I’m sorry” when absolutely necessary.


“I’m sorry” might be written across a cookie cake to truly communicate their sincerity. It still counts, and it is a cookie, after all.


A waved white flag, a fully thought-out peace treaty… Libras love peace with all their happy hearts, so they’ll do whatever it takes to make things right, which also means apologizing when they aren’t in the wrong. Try not to take advantage of their big hearts with this one.


“I’m sorry you annoyed me.” That’s how they may start because honesty is definitely the best policy, even if it hurts, right?


“My bad!” It may not seem like much, but Saggy likes to keep it light. They’ll probably get you laughing next, so bygones can be bygones.


“Please accept my heartfelt apologies and this gift card to the nearest office supply store as evidence of my sincerity.” Okay, the office supply part might be an exaggeration, but you’ll definitely get a direct and sincere apology when Capricorn screws up. And maybe a PowerPoint to show you how it will never, ever happen again.


“I’m sorry for how you feel I acted when Mercury was in retrograde.” Honestly, they weren’t trying to argue as much as make their point, but you might get a non-apology apology.


“It was the alcohol talking; I didn’t mean it.” For non-drinky Pisces, it may sound more like “I’m really sorry I hurt your feelings.” They probably didn’t mean to, but they’ll do their best to heal the relationship once they realize what they did wrong.

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