Capricorn Horoscope

Sep 25, 2023… Dreaming ALL THE THINGS today will be a whole vibe of a Moon in Aquarius opposing Venus in Leo, trine Mars in Libra, and square Jupiter in Taurus. Whatever you want, you’ll be able to express that easily today, Capricorn. Clarifying your goals won’t take a flow chart or a PowerPoint when you speak with passion about what drives you. Maybe it’s no Braveheart speech or Gettysburg address, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be inspiriting to those who get the chance to hear it. Share the things you love, and don’t be surprised if other people decide to follow your lead and pursue beautiful dreams of their own. After all, you are the GOAT of Goats.

Today’s Astrovibe for 9/26/23: The Moon in Aquarius will square Uranus in Taurus and then move into Pisces to conjunct Saturn today. Learning a little about yourself can be all good. Maybe find an inner strength you didn’t know you had? Yes, you CAN.



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