Capricorn Horoscope

Oct 17, 2021… Burning the midnight oil? Yeah, you could go from feeling dreamy to wanting to take steps toward those dreams as the Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune. While you may find more comfort in staying productive than chillaxing, here is such a thing as overdoing it. Ever hear of burnout? It’ll likely be awesome to tackle part of your to-do list, but try not to go too far with the vibes. Do get some stuff done. Don’t ignore the need for some rest and relaxation. Master this, Cappy.

Today’s Astrovibe for 10/18/21: The Moon in Aries will conjunct Chiron and oppose Mercury in Libra. Well, well, well… welcome Monday! Communications should flow well today, but you may have to put in the effort. You could be able to assert yourself well, so make those Monday meeting Zoom calls and get stuff done!



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