Libra Horoscope

January 23, 2021… Like a yogi on retreat, you may be feeling one with all today, Libras, especially with the energy of a Gemini Moon in a trine with the Sun, Saturn and Jupiter. SO. So. Much. Energy. Harmonious feelings could have you feeling too at peace to even give the finger to haters. In fact, your natural light could draw others to you hoping that shine will rub off on them a little. Glow on, go on, and let your natural buoyancy create a little light for yourself and others.

Today’s Astrovibe for 1/24/21: The Moon in Gemini will square Ceres and Neptune in Pisces today. Love, communication, being able to say what’s on your mind in a productive (or, provocative… your call!) way… all things that can come to pass today… if you want it. 🙂