Libra Horoscope

Mar 28, 2023… Care Bear Libra to the rescue! Say what?! Indeed, the Cancer Moon conjunct Mars, trine Saturn in Pisces, and square the Sun in Aries will unleash big feel vibes with a sprinkling of intuitive energies, which will likely be excellent for getting your empathy on. The biggest downfall of channeling the vibes could simply be feeling too much, like taking on too many negative emotions from other people. Be sure to help yourself so you can be your best self while helping yourself or someone else. Now then… Let’s cuddle! Or not. You do you, Scales.

Today’s Astrovibe for 3/29/23: The Moon in Cancer will square Chiron, Jupiter and Mercury in Aries today. You could find yourself at the center of attention, but be careful to share the spotlight — and with what you share while IN the spotlight. So, be sure to get dressed before that Zoom call!



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