Which Zodiac Signs Are Best With Dollar Signs?

Zodiac Signs and Money
Zodiac Signs and Money

Money is everything.

Well, okay, okay — I jest. It’s not everything, but who doesn’t like having a little more? After all, it is more comfortable to cry in a garden foyer than in a cardboard box. When it comes to making or saving bank, some Zodiacs are gifted by the Universe to be better at managing money or going for the high paying jobs and making cha-ching buckaroos. Don’t worry if your Sun Sign isn’t on here as one of the best at getting and keeping cash (or if the Universe just totally messed you up), because we have some hot tips to help you out — and, of course, you have all the Signs somewhere in your natal chart!


The mental magpie Gemini has double strokes of luck when it comes to money. For one, their savvy smarts and gift of gab makes it possible for them to sell just about anything to anyone. Seriously, the Twins could sell cow manure to bovine farmers! Secondly, Gemini’s influential connections come in clutch. Just as easily as they can sell something, the Twins can snag bills out of their pal’s pockets. Use this power responsibly.


Cancer the “cosmic collector” holds on to money (as with everything they’re emotionally attached to) like it’s their ultimate life force. They tend to be very frugal, shrewd with financials, and savvy in business. One they get their claws on cash, there’s no letting it go.


Born to be a leader, the Lion assumes job positions that make the most money. Not to mention, they’re hard workers, so even if they aren’t at the top of the payroll, they still manage to come away with lofty paychecks. Making bank is basically second nature to Leo.


One word: budgeting. Many Virgins learn from a young age that money matters, so planning out a budget, couponing, and penny pinching are always on their radar.


Amassing wealth? Scorpio has that in the bag. They are competitive in the business arena, clever with money, and conservative about spending hard earned cash. Scorpios are gifted by the Universe with an excellent chance to make bank. Cha-ching!


The business-savvy Cap is often ready to take on money-making opportunities, climbing towards success, and has a way with knowing where their bucks should be going. Not to mention, money means security (a strong need for the Goat). Some Caps even marry for money, which is definitely one fast track to making bank if you don’t care about finding true love (please don’t be okay with murdering geriatric spouses and inheriting their fortunes). Anyway…

My sign isn’t on this list! What can I do, oh great Astrovibe?

Get Your Natal Chart Reading

Here’s the thing, everyone has every sign SOMEWHERE. A whole natal chart reading can really make a difference. You could discover some hidden gems that you have yet to tap into, like Cap’s ability to rise to the top or Virgo’s budgeting skills. Natal charts can be eye opening and life changing. While we don’t do full charts here at Astrovibe, we love the free charts at Astro Dienst.

Extravagance Is Optional

Gasp! I said it, so there. You can choose to be less extravagant, which means saving money in the long run. Some things aren’t worth compromising on, but paying out the back end for brand name clothes, fancy cars, or extravagant decorations can absolutely be worth compromising. Avoid going for high-end stuff, unless you’re treating yourself for a special occasion.

Have You Heard of Budgeting?

Sometimes the best way to hold onto your dollars is to make monthly or weekly budgets for yourself. Try to stick to a budget and track your spending. If you aren’t great at that sort of thing, there are plenty of apps you can download that’ll help keep you on a solid financial track. Isn’t technology great?

Side Hustles, Bro

Sometimes that main income just doesn’t quite cut it, especially if you’re planning to buy something big or need to pay off those credit card bills that have piled high. Look into side jobs, whether that’s doing Uber/Lyft, picking up writing gigs, being a tutor, or selling your old stuff. There’s always money to be made somewhere.

Even if the Universe has blessed your Sun sign with money saving/making superpowers, it ultimately takes time and practice to get good at managing your dollar bills. Give yourself credit for the savvy money things you do and work on bettering any hiccups you experience. You’ve got this.

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