Zodiac Signs as Taylor Swift Songs

Whether you’re a full blown Swifty or a hater who’s going to hate, you’ll want to see which Taylor Swift song describes your astrological vibe. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, you’ve heard of Taylor and her hit songs. Taylor’s Version, her re-recorded songs, have been topping the charts, often more than one song at the same time. You might even have an inkling of which ex inspired each hit. We’re looking at you, Jake of red scarf notoriety. 😉

Even if you don’t care for her songs or the latest celebrity gossip, you might be curious about the song that suits your sign. We found the video above from Youtubber Amy Heartblood, and hope you find it as entertaining as we did!

Leos, are you ready for it? Sagittarians might want to shake off any judgment, and sparks might fly for Capricorns. Swifties will get these Easter eggs immediately, and non-Swifties might have enough curiosity to check out the following celestial sign Taylor-inspired recap. Does your sign’s song suit you, or is there a Taylor Swift song you think would suit you better? Let us know!

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