Cancer Horoscope

October 26, 2020… If you feel like a 40s PI with trench coat, boots, and a world-weary look at life, you may have been reading too many mysteries. Or spend a little less time immersed in film noir. Or it could just be the mood of a Pisces Moon trine the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio turning up your intuition on high. Maybe that has you taking a deeper look at people and thinking more about who you want to share your time and energy with. That’s not a bad thing. Doesn’t mean you have to go all suspicious or jealous or up in their business. It just means you get to decide who you want to be in your inner circle — and you can always vote someone right back out if they show low vibing behavior, Cancer. You get to choose. And hey, it is boot season so if you want to rock the film noir look, go right on ahead. Don’t forget to grab your fedora!

Today’s Astrovibe for 10/27/20: The Moon in Pisces will conjunct Neptune. Today may continue on a very similar vibe to yesterday — but moving from a more personal vibe to a dreamy one. Listen to your inner voice, because there are truths about how you feel inside waiting to come out.