Cancer Horoscope

Jun 23, 2024… Your big happy heart could really be seeing potential in others today. As awesome as that will be, try not to date it. Haha. But really, don’t. The Moon in Cap trine Uranus in Taurus and then moving into Aquarius to conjunct Pluto could have you thinking of others and how you can help them out. Talking about their problem and what they should do will only be helpful if you talk to them and not others about it— assuming they wanted your advice in the first place. The best use of this energy will be focusing on what you can do to make the world better, even just a teeny tiny bit, through your actions. Let the energy of the day inspire you to random acts of kindness and finding ways to make the world wonderful. Go be a shining glittery light in the darkness, loving Crabby.

Today’s Astrovibe for 6/24/24: The Moon in Aquarius will square Mars in Taurus and trine Jupiter in Gemini. While the day may start out as an extension of yesterday (a little dreamy and introspective), expect an outward, active vibe to kick in later. After spending a little time in introspection or spirituality, it can be a great vibe to put your dreams into action. Even if you feel stuck right now, working on your plan can help your heart and soul!



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