Aquarius Horoscope

May 24, 2024… Sharing is caring, unless it’s sickness. Or negative feelings. Aquarius, sharing and letting go of pain will be promoted by the Moon in Sag square Saturn in Pisces and trine Mars and Chiron in Aries. Look, you can share your feelings without inflicting them on other people and that’d be healthy. Just don’t use the share-tastic vibes to cause people pain because you’re in pain. You have the power to express your emotions in a positive, constructive way. Don’t let the emotion heavy energies cloud that truth. You control how you use the Universe’s energies. Be open and kind so you can move forward. Share with love, WB.

Today’s Astrovibe for 5/25/24: The Moon in Sag will square Neptune in Pisces and then move into Capricorn. It’ll be good for finishing up stuff that you’ve started, giving completed stuff a final once-over, or letting those out of the box ideas you’ve had come to full circle.



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