Gemini Horoscope

October 25, 2020… Ew—cooties! If six feet of social distancing doesn’t feel like quite enough for you today, you might be feeling the vibe of an Aquarius Moon in a Ceres conjunction. Of course, it’s a pandemic year so we’re not talking about actual cooties in the form of yucky germs but more about feeling a need for some serious space. The energetic vibe will be great for doing some solo work on your goals. And if you still want some space: circle, circle, dot, dot, now you’ve had your cooties shot. If that doesn’t help, maybe you need to take five (minutes or hours, idc) and regroup, Gemini.

Today’s Astrovibe for 10/26/20: The Moon in Pisces will trine the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio. Intuition could be spot on with a vibe like this. If you’re reading other people like a book, they could be reading you, too — so keep that in mind as you go forth and own the day.