What Do The Zodiac Signs Suck At The Most?

What the signs are bad at
What the signs are bad at

Knowing the ins and outs of your Zodiac is awesome, but it isn’t always peaches and roses. On top of knowing your strengths wherever you have a specific Sign, it can be helpful to know what could be a real pain. Y’know, so you can avoid doing those things or, better yet, work on improving them. What’s a Sign’s major suckage?


The Ram is simply awful at backing down. Whether they’re about to get in a fight, in a high speed chase (with cops), or a hot second away from burning this whole world to the ground, backing down just isn’t their style. In fact, Aries pretty much sucks at it.


Bulls have a hard time letting go. Grudges, money, love, beliefs… they hoard all of the things. Taurus just absolutely blows at letting things go. Have a crush? That’ll last a hundred years. Negative feelings? More like new best friend for the next millennium. Maybe they’re born that way, maybe it’s Maybelline.


The Twins often ride the struggle bus to making decisions. Two heads are better than one, except that dual-mindedness often gets Gemini in trouble. While they’re great at thinking about things from multiple perspectives, they suck at making a decision. There’s just so much to consider!


The Crab epic-ally sucks at giving people space. Once they’re attached, there’s no getting rid of them… until you inevitably hurt their feelings and they go radio silent and brood for a while. But they’ll be back. And personal space no one shall have!


The Lion sucks at not being fabulous. While that might not sound so bad, it can actually cause major issues. Leo can’t handle not being in the spotlight, and may even trample people to get attention. Part of being fabulous also means splurging often and struggling with money. Maybe being fabulous 24/7 doesn’t pay off.


The Virgin has a bad rap sheet already, from being void of a personality, overly critical, and a clean freak. Here’s the thing, though. They suck most at NOT settling. That’s right, Virgo has the tendency to believe they won’t get a fairy tale ending, which means they often settle in love, jobs, and life. Sure, Virgo can be critical, but it’s often about themselves. Give ‘em a break, yo.


The Scales were not made to be tipped. Balance is their game, picking a side is their suckage. Seriously, Libra tends to be pretty fickle and can easily be the fence-sitter in many situations. This fickleness can even turn into faithlessness when it comes to love. Why pick one S.O. when you can have them all? Pull it together, dude.


The Scorpion sucks at keeping a cool head. Sure, at their highest vibes, they’re higher thinkers. Unfortunately, though, when they go low, they go helluva low. Sometimes that means exploding in anger and rage. Other times that means falling into a hopeless depression and believing the end is nigh. Ooff. Just ooff.


The Archer is incredibly unskilled at follow-through. They’re often ready to take on a new project or adventure, but rarely see things through to the end. Being tied down is not on Saggy’s bucket list, which means they don’t stay in one place, with one person, or on one train of thought for very long. Heck, they probably didn’t even finish reading this paragraph.


The Goat fails at asking for help. Cap likes to climb to the top on their own terms and on their own timeline. To them, asking for help is like admitting defeat. It’s all or nothing, and if they can’t handle the thing by themselves, then they’ll just struggle harder. Handouts aren’t for them, even when it would help them.


The Water Bearer can’t handle criticism and disagreements. Of course, nobody likes being picked apart. However, Aquarius takes that to the next level. They will literally fight someone over a minor argument. If you disagree with them, they can easily take it to heart and think you don’t like them personally. Learning how to separate beliefs from ego is a toughy for Aquarius.


My dear sweet Fishes, you epic-ally suck at loving yourself. Pisces is great at supporting and loving other people, but often falls short when it comes to doing the same for themselves. Learning how to love themselves is many a Pisces’ lifelong endeavor.

Every Zodiac sucks at something, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep sucking at it. Identifying your weakness is the first step in improving yourself. Once you know your problem areas, you can work to become better. Just because it can seem like you got dealt a crappy hand, that doesn’t mean you’re going to lose the game. You can pick up some new cards along the way and win this thing.

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