3 Wacky Things Pisces Say


While Pisces come in all shapes, sizes, and personality types, there are some things that just make a Pisces, well, a true Pisces. We’ve carefully analyzed everything from ancient history to thousands of interweb memes all about Fishes to figure out distinct things only a Pisces would say. We developed three on point statements that are #accurate. What do you think? Did we nail it?

1. “Once I stop bawling my eyes out, it’s over for you!”

While Pisces often want to look super serious, they’re honestly just squishy little babies who cry at the drop of a hat. Like, literally they’ll cry if they drop their hat. Sometimes they cry when they’re angry, which can be super frustrating. Heck, they even cry for no flipping reason. Being a Pisces makes for a hard knock life.

And yet, through their streaming tears and volcano of snot, they’ll make vague threats towards their enemies. Gotta save face, right? If you’d ask a Pisces, they’d probs say they’re total punks. Yeah, they’re about as punk as a baby goat wearing too much black eyeliner and a leather collar. I’m sorry, Pisces, but you’re just too adorable to be menacing. Have a tissue, hon.

2. “I drink to forget and to not feel and to avoid reality and…”

Pisces tend to feel a lot of emotions (too many), not to mention they have a penchant for being dreamers and getting lost in their own imaginations — which makes for a tendency to drink (a lot) and use mind-altering substances (a lot) so that they can float away to a different, less harsh reality. They like being able to let their minds run free and thinking up magical worlds where they can escape for a few hours. You may have heard that Pisces have a higher risk for developing an addiction. Well, now you know why.

3. “I feel you. Like, I literally feel everything you feel.”

Not only are Pisces serious empaths, they also have a knack for being very intuitive. Put those traits together and you have a special concoction of characteristics that only a Pisces possesses. The Fishes feel very deeply and often take on other people’s emotions — usually to their own detriment. They honestly just take on so many feelings that it can be overwhelming. No wonder they randomly break down crying…

Plus, they yearn to help their loved ones and would bend over backwards for their friends and family. With intuition and empathy as their superpowers, they’re pretty darn reliable and make great impromptu therapists. Sometimes, though, they become the go-to shoulder to lean on and we drain our Pisces dry emotionally, mentally, and spiritually — not that Pisces would ever confess that. In fact, when a Pisces is struggling, they tend to hide it and try their best not to be a burden, which leads to some unhealthy coping mechanisms (refer to Statement 2).

In conclusion, I lied to you.

We didn’t actually sift through thousands of memes to develop these sentences, but these statements probably put you in mind of some memes you’ve seen floating around the internet. Why? Because they’re accurate, obviously. And because they are accurate, these statements also give us clues as to how we can best help our Pisces pals.

Be there for your Fishes, whether that’s (gently) forcing them to open up about their problems, weaning them off the wine coolers, or backing them up/talking them down when they’re rearing for a fight. Also, be mindful of leaning on them too much. They like to be helpful, but don’t take advantage of that. Pisces are precious gifts from the Universe and they deserve far more goodness than even this whole world of people can give them. Still, it’s worth trying to give them the whole world.

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