How Each Zodiac Sign Makes the Cashier Uncomfortable in Three Items

How Each Sign Makes the Cashier Uncomfortable
How Each Sign Makes the Cashier Uncomfortable

Discomfort is the name of this game! Here’s how it works: each Zodiac sign goes to the nearest superstore and purchases three items to make the cashier as uncomfortable as possible.

Let’s see what each sign might think to bring to the socially distanced checkout line.


A shovel, duct tape, and lime

They won’t know who pissed you off, but if you whistle while checking out, it’ll really raise that discomfort factor.


Wine, sleeping pills, and a new pillow

Hey, you just want to relax, but they can think whatever they want.


A book, hand lotion, and an eggplant

You literally don’t need any of these things right now. Grinning the whole time while they ring up your purchases is what raises the discomfort quotient.


Rope, duct tape, zip ties

Hey, no one can leave you if they can’t get away, right?


Hacksaw, bandages, one shoe

It helps if you limp up to the counter. Let them think you took your bravery a little too far this time.


Vinyl gloves, bleach, a tarp

A few house projects, and all of a sudden, people are calling the cops!


A pregnancy test, a sympathy card, and a congratulations card

Hey, you never know which way it could go. Grab both just for balance.


Antibiotic cream, whipped cream, and a mask

You don’t mind if they draw their own conclusions. They’re probably the right ones.


Twine, a knife, trash bags

You plan a little outdoor adventure, and people just can’t handle their jealousy!


DVD of How to Get Away with Murder, sleeping pills, wine

Maybe you just want to relax with the show, maybe you’re doing research — no one knows.


A Ouija board, candles, salt

You know, just your normal shopping supplies. Nothing to see here!


Whiskey, a flask, and a trench coat

Get the coat in black – good for weddings, funerals, Mondays, and anytime you need to stash a handy flask.

So, go forth and raise eyebrows, even in the self-checkout line!

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