New Year’s Resolutions for Each Zodiac Sign

New Year's Resolutions
New Year's Resolutions

It’s that time again! Each Zodiac Sign will be busy making New Year’s resolutions for the upcoming year, swearing that the next year will certainly be their year. Again. But this time, for real.


Aries thought about resolving to be more patient but gave that up as a lost cause. They could stand to work on conflict management. After all, that’s been a note in their file ever since they started school. And started work. And had their first relationship. So, maybe this is the year they’ll learn to control their temper and deal with conflict with a little more diplomacy. No more burning bridges and arguing until the cows come home. Look out, world. Aries is coming in hot. Or not, if they can keep their resolution.


Maybe they should forgive…no, scratch that. Taurus thought for two seconds about forgiving that old grudge but decided that could wait at least another year or ten. Instead, they’ll resolve to do a little less retail therapy on plastic. Yes, charging less and shopping more responsibly will be the best thing for their budget, credit score, and storage space. That’s doable, right? Right after they sweep in and score the holiday décor in the after-season sale and grab that gorgeous cashmere sweater, they’ll cut the plastic in half and disavow debt entirely. Except for sales. Does sale shopping count?


Gems have it all figured out. They’ve used their keen intellect to decide that this is the year they’ll be more decisive. At least, they think that should be this year’s resolution. Although, there are, of course, other resolutions equally as worthy. If you’ll just give them a second, they’ll over-think about it and give you an answer.


After much thought, Cancers have decided they’ll learn to give a little more personal space. Maybe micromanage less. After all, they could be focusing some of that energy on improved self-care. Although, they think it would probably be best if you drank an extra glass of water and grabbed a warmer scarf for the cold weather. And did you need help buttoning up your coat….they’ll just do it for you. Right — right, personal space. Breathe, Cancer. You can do it!


Leo might want to put the focus on being a little less spendy in the name of looking so good. I mean, how many beauty boxes does one need delivered to their home? And wouldn’t Leo look equally as amazing using slightly more affordable hygiene products? Trying to cut back on the splurges could be a worthy new year’s resolution for a Leo feeling the squeeze—not from the designer pants but from the budget area. It’s getting a little tight. Your butt looks great, but your budget?


This is the year Virgos will resolve to raise their standards! No more low-class relationships, jobs, or food. Yeah, that’s a good one for Virgo. This will be the year all their dreams come true. You know, if they believed in that sort of thing. And maybe that red flag is more pink than red anyway, you know?


Absolute t-total faithfulness. That’s what Libra may commit to for the coming year. Although having all the things seems like balance, this will be the year they stop shying away from commitment and learn to embrace one lover. You know, as soon as they decide which person that will be. Because, after all, it needs to be fair.


Signing up for a yoga class or a meditation retreat might be on Scorpio’s radar as they commit to dealing with their emotions more moderately. No more deep depressions or raging rages…instead, they’ll be trying to get zen in the new year.


Committing to actually finish a new year’s resolution, ANY new year’s resolution, could make Saggy’s list this year. Seriously, just one goal completed. After all, they have an entire bucket list of adventures they want to do. Making the list a little more reasonable and then working on doing a bunch of adventures isn’t that hard, is it?


This is the year Cap will commit to either asking for help when they need it—or not needing help at all. It could go either way with these clever creatures. But really, they want to do better about relying on others, and they may go as far as making a thorough plan for doing this using small, manageable steps on a specific timeline.


If you see Aquarius carrying around a copy of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff or The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k, you can be sure that they’re trying their hardest to stop taking things so personally. After all, they’ve had one too many bridge-burning arguments to want to keep it up, but they may need a guide or two to find another perspective.


Self-love will likely top Pisces’ new year’s resolutions. Of course, someone probably had to suggest it to them for them to even realize it was a problem. But this could be a great year for self-love and self-care being a top priority. Learning to love themselves as much as they love everyone else will be the number one resolution Pisces will want to add to their list.

We all have something we can work on no matter how fabulous we are, and the signs are sure to be scribbling down New Year’s resolutions methodically, haphazardly, or with abandon — depending on which sign we’re talking about. Still, just the fact that they recognize that there’s something to work on could mean that they get just a little better at the area in question. After all, recognizing that there’s a problem at all is always a first step. Let’s see if they can drag those goals forward into the new year. Because this year is sure to be YOUR YEAR at last!
Happy New Year!

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