Stress Triggers for Each Zodiac Sign

Got stress? Who doesn’t! On any given day, stressors abound. Slow traffic, overbearing bosses, long blogs before you can read an actual recipe, and ads on streaming platforms could have your anxiety shooting straight through the roof.

But some of your triggers might be specific to your Zodiac sign. We found this video online for you, and thought it hit this topic pretty well!

What you see as easy peasy lemon squeezy could have another sign feeling stressed, depressed, and feeling less than blessed, am I right? You might not be able to change up your trigger, but you can certainly come up with a plan to manage your stress.

#1 Swear It Out
Research shows that swearing can relieve pain and stress. Seriously! It’s true. You might not want to drop the F bomb at work or in the middle of a parent-teacher conference, but taking a minute to curse a blue streak has been scientifically proven to relieve anxiety. If you don’t swear, you could always opt for venting with a few faux-swear words thrown in. I’m not sure if “Shut the front door!” is as effective for stress, but it might be worth a try.

#2 Grab a Stress Ball
Okay-you’re grabbing the stress ball to squeeze to alleviate stress–not to throw at the person who’s annoying you. I know it’s tempting, but it’s not worth the hassle. Actually, any sensory toy could be a great way to bring your attention back into your body and out of the rage cloud hanging over your head.

#3 Reach for Your Emergency Chocolate
If you don’t have emergency chocolate, stop everything and rectify this IMMEDIATELY! Dipping into an emergency chocolate stash could actually help you chill out. Plus, it’s a great excuse for a little sweet treat, and you have definitely earned it when you hit a stress trigger but don’t blow your top.

#4 Chew Some Gum
You’re stuck in traffic without a stress ball or emergency chocolate, and you’ve already cursed a blue streak. Still stressed? Grab some chewing gum! Studies have shown it can alleviate anxiety. Plus, you’ll have fresh breath when you get wherever it is you’re going.

#5 Laugh It Off
No one is saying you should minimize your problems, but it can help to take a minute to laugh. Laughter is considered the best medicine for good reason. It’s great for your overall health. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, hop online and go looking for hilarious memes, crazy cat videos, or even a comedic clip that makes you laugh. You just might feel better faster when you’ve taken a moment to cool your jets with laughter.

Stress is the worst! If you’re over it and want to figure out how to chill out faster, try these quick anxiety-reducing hacks–and maybe cut yourself a little slack while you’re at it.

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