May 21 to June 20
Polarity: Masculine/Assertive
Quality: Mutable
Element: Air
Symbol: The Twins
Keyphrase: I Think
Ruler: Mercury

Gemini Suns get a lot of hate online, don’t they? Okay, so when you have two personalities and both are annoying as heck, sure. Makes sense. But, the truth is that most people who slam the Twins are simply jealous.


I said it.

No one gets their point across better. Don’t go debating a Gemini unless you’re prepared to lose — even if it is simply because they are prepared to give you the finger and walk away rather than put up with your nonsense. Even quiet Geminis (and, yes, there is such a thing) have the ability to out-think you, out-talk you, type faster than you when you’re trolling, and are just detached and self-satisfied enough to give zero cares if you don’t like it.

Their snarky and quick-witted sense of humor alone is golden.

Geminis have a few major things going for them. They know they have a brain, and even the least confident of them know exactly how to use it. They can talk their way out of a sticky situation and aren’t above stretching the truth if it is going to get them, and their posse, out of trouble. So, a friend in need is lucky to have a Gemini indeed.

Sure… there is the capacity for a Gemini to be two-faced. They can say sweet things to your face and then slam you behind your back if they think it will get a laugh. Feel free to call them out on that and don’t just let them get away with it. Still, while that’s the lowest vibe of Gemini, that temptation is usually only acted on by the ones who haven’t spent a single moment on self reflection or are still 11-years-old.

So, give these big thinkers a little more love. They make for lively, fun friends who will keep you guessing and laughing out loud.

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