Zodiac Signs as Breakup Songs

Even if you’re happy in a relationship or happily single, you’ve probably been through a breakup or two at some point in your life. How you dealt with your feelings probably had to do with a lot of things–the relationship, how it ended, who ended it, and even your Zodiac sign. You probably even had a breakup anthem you played on repeat while nursing your broken heart.

If you’re going through a breakup RIGHT NOW or still grieving a past one, here are a few quick tips:

#1 Don’t Stalk Your Ex on Social Media

It’s not good for you. It won’t make you feel better. Trust me. It’s better to move on, and if that means you have to block them, do it. Take care of your heart, and mind your business. You’ll be happier in the long run.

#2 Feel Your Feelings

Duh, right? Only you might want to eat your feelings (Taurus) or distract yourself with 100 new hobbies (Gemini). You might try to disguise your jealousy by hooking up with someone new (Scorpio). Or maybe you’re one of those people who can stay friends with an ex and not be bothered by it. Just make sure to feel your feelings as you grieve the end of the relationship. It’ll hurt more now, but you just might heal faster than if you let it fester.

#3 Up Your Self-Care Quotient

However much self-care you usually practice, double it. Strike that. TRIPLE it. Take good care of you while you’re going through the hard stuff. Get some extra sleep if you can, eat good food, and get moving. Not just on from your ex either. A little exercise might help you feel better. Extra self-care is a MUST when you’ve been through a breakup.

We found this Zodiac Break Up Song video above online from Youtube creator Marc Elvin, and it was sad, funny, and inspired all at the same time… and felt you needed to see it, too! It may not be the one you played relentlessly while picking up the pieces of your heart and getting your life together, but you just might see a glimpse of your sign in the song. Does this song match YOUR breakup mood?

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